The Airdrop

For participating in the Sacrifice, you will receive credits. You will receive 100 points for every $1 that is sacrifice.


Anyone with these credits will be airdropped on PulseChain a free token called $PELON on a 1:1 basis (100 points = 100 $PELON).


The token will be airdropped to all participants who sacrificed for their belief and support the freedom of memeing.


The maximum of tokens airdropped will be 10’500’000 $PELON.


The Sacrifice is officially open until the Pulsechain Snapshot (which will be communicated by RH on Twitter). The airdrop will be executed on the first day of Pulsechain launch.


PulseDogElon OA address may love $HEX and convert all sacrifices into $HEX. The OA may decide to create a $PELON/$HEX and a $PELON/$PLS liquidity pool on PulseChain.



Where to sacrifice

The following networks may be recognized to earn sacrifice points.


  • Ethereum (ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, HEX, SHIB, etc…)
  • BNB Smart Chain, formerly known as Binance Smart Chain (BNB, BUSD, etc…)
  • ETHPoW
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom Opera

All Coins and Tokens on these networks are accepted. You can send directly from your wallet to the address below:


DO NOT sacrifice directly from an exchange. Sacrifice from your own wallet. You can send from MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Trezor and/or MEW. 


FYI, you can sacrifice more than once.


The Bonus Multiplier:

The bonus multiplier will be ranked by largest sacrificed points. The bonus multiplier will start at 2X and end at 1X. 


The difference in the bonus percentage between each sacrifice address will always be the same. 


The bonus multiplier you receive will depend on where you end up in line (e.g. the more you sacrifice the higher the multiplier you receive).




The Sacrifice Points are not meant to have any monetary value. Remember, you are not making a purchase. This is not an investment. There are no refunds or guarantees of any sort. Once you sacrifice, the transaction is complete. You cannot reverse the transaction ever. 



When does the sacrifice start?

The Sacrifice is now open and will end 24h before the official launch of PulseChain.


When will $PELON be airdropped?

$PELON will be distributed once PulseChain main net launches.


What will $PELON token supply be?

A maximum of 21 million $PELON will be minted on PulseChain in honor of Satoshi Nakamoto. 50% of the supply will be sent to PLS sacrifice address (equivalent of burning 10.5 million $PELON).



Will there be a PulseDogElon site to track our sacrifice?

Yes. Click here 


Will there be an Audit?

Yes. We will be using Certik and RugDoc. These audits have not been completed yet because we are still working on the site. Once completed we will provide this information. 


Is there a whitepaper? 

No. The website provides as much information as we feel comfortable sharing at the moment. If we laid out all details, some people may have expectations of profits. 


There will be no “team tokens”?

You should have no expectations of profit from any of this.


What will $PELON be worth?

At the launch of PulseChain, they will be worth nothing, only markets can dictate the value of an item. Nobody knows what the first trade will be.


Where will I hold $PELON?

You will hold your tokens in Metamask.


What tokens can be sacrificed?

The address above will accept ETH and all ERC-20 tokens. Other EVM chains that will be accepted are Binance BEP-20, ETHPoW, Polygon, and Avalanche.  All tokens are accepted on these chains as well. The USD value of the sacrifice will be calculated using average price at the exact time of the sacrifice.


I still have questions, where can I find out more?

Please use the contact form on our website.